Sears Point "Wine Country Classics" 2002 -- 2

Probably just about every engine design and chassis configuration was tried at least once in the pre-war era as the racing engineers of the day struggled to outdo each other in racing's formative years.

Bruce Hudkins in #81, a 1922 Ford Model T based racer, leads pre-war racers up the hill toward Turn 2.   Gary Lucas follows in #44, another Model T based car, this one dating from 1915.  #56 is Terry L. Larson in a 1933 Winfield-Ford sprint car and #8 is Carla Marvin in a very rare 1920 Falls-8 Indy racer.

A closer look at Gary Lucas' interesting and beautifully turned out pre-war car.

Gary Lucas' father is his courageous riding mechanic.

Terry L. Larson's show-quality 1933 Winfield-Ford sprint car car evoked the early days of American circle track racing.
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