Steve Keppler's Jensen C-V8

Website contributor Maj. Steve Keppler sent me photos & info on this rare and very interesting car that he owns.  It's a Jensen C-V8 and I've never seen one before.  I remember the earlier Jensen 544-R and of course the Jensen Interceptor & Jensen Healey but this model is new to me

Steve provided this info on his car:

1963 Jensen C-V8 MKII

"Chrysler 361 CID (small bore 383, not to be confused with the later 360 CID).  1 of 500 C-V8s produced.  1 of 10 which were made in LHD.  The other 490 were all RHD.  This is the probably the first LHD car and the only LHD equipped with the 361 CID engine. Transmission is Chrysler Torqueflite Automatic (a few manual cars were produced, extremely rare and all RHD using the Hemi "883" transmission).

Most were sold in England during the production run between 62-66, where the car was very popular in the "Aston Martin" class of buyers who wanted something different.  Sold in MK I-III versions.  Originally fitted with 361
CID engine and later cars had the 383 CID; basically Chrysler sold Jensen whatever they had extra.  Never really caught on in the USA, probably because of the headlight design.  Exceptionally fast car in it's day.

Very practical to maintain with all mechanical bits available one way or the

AND...  Steve's looking for a new home for his car.  If you're interested contact this website!

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