Steve McInteer's MGA-Chevy

Steve's looking for information on his 1957 MGA-Chevy,

"It was a 1957 MGA and was right hand drive at one time. 

It was painted red at one time.  The body is all steel and aluminum. 

Car had Willow Springs Invitational July 4 1965 painted on the side.  It has Cobra badges." 

(It looks more like an MGA in this side view.  TM)

"It has an early Chevrolet V8: 327 or 350, and a 9" Ford rear end.   It has a B&M sure shift trans.  Has many modifications."

"I drive it every day and love it.  I would love to have any information or a lead on its history."

(Your webmaster remembers a red MGA with Chevy power that was raced in SoCal SCCA events in 1962-63 by Jim Handelson.  It usually ran as #404 or #407.  Could this be the ex-Handelson car?)

If you can help Steve with info on his car Please email me!

(5-31-12)   From Blas Costagli:

"Check this photo out. Itís a link to a thread on Club Cobra with photos. Looks to be the same chassis.  I also sent the poster on Club Cobra the link to your photos.

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