Ol' Yallers at VARA Tech -- 2003

VARA held it's annual tech inspection & racing car display at Irwindale Speedway on 1-11-03.

Your webmaster behind the wheel of Mike Larkin's Ol' Yaller I.

Amazing how little legroom there is in the cramped cockpit.

Hard to imagine Eric Hauser, a taller man than myself, being able to drive this car.

It looks like Max Balchowsky's creations have achieved automotive immortality.

Ol' Yaller I (foreground) and Ol' Yaller III at the VARA Technical Inspection held at Irwindale Speedway.

Many of the cars which will compete at VARA events this year were on display.

Ol' Yaller III is now owned by the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. 

Mike Larkin took Ol' Yaller I to the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It looks like Mike turned down $31,000 for the car.

(The results page is down.  If you have the patience to navigate the B & J  site look for:  "1954 Morgensen Special".)

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