Wine Country Classic 2004 -- Group 3

I didn't get many photos of this class due to pit duties, but here are a few.

Tom Price of Larkspur, CA, has a collection of toys to rival anyone's.  He finished 8th in this event with his exquisite 1961 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato.
Les Alexander of Woodside, CA, finished 20th in his 1957 Corvette. 
Les Alexander  on his Corvette:

"Lew Draper was Central Division Regional champion in this car in, I believe, '63 or '64. Several others raced it including our friend Ross Fosbender who owned it from '69-'71.

The ex-John Staver car is another 57 Corvette that I still own, but use as a driver. This was the car Staver drove that made him want something faster with brakes. He then developed the Echidna cars. I notice his Echidna (#57) is currently for sale at Fantasy Junction. And finally, are you sure I wasn't 2nd and not 20th in that race?"

H. Tide Ebding of Martinez, CA DNF'd in this very pretty 1962 Triumph TR4.
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