Wine Country Classic 2004 -- Group 5

These early 1960s cars are especially interesting because they're transitional between the old school sports/racers of the 1950s and the no-holds-barred wildness of the later 1960s Can-Am cars. 

Frank Jellinek of Portsmouth, NH, won this group in his 3500cc. 1962 Lotus 19.  This car was powered by a "B.O.P" (Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac) aluminum V8 engine.  These lightweight V8s were a cost-effective way to add horsepower and reliability when used in place of the pricey and fragile 2500cc. Coventry-Climax engines that originally powered these cars.

Rod Carveth drove this similar car in 1963

One of my favorite cars of the whole weekend!  Anthony Wang of New York, NY drove this beautiful looking & sounding 4000cc.1963 Ferrari 330P to an easy 12th place in Sunday's race.  One got the impression Wang was using this weekend as a test session for the big upcoming  "Ferrari Year" at the Monterey Historics,  August 13-14-15, 2004.
Historian David Seielstad comments on Wang's Ferrari:

Tony Wang's 330P is 0810. Started life as a 250P, was upped to 275P then NART got it with a 4.1 engine... "

Author and website contributor Gary Horstkorta in his Lotus Mk.23 in Turn 2.  Gary finished 10th in his 1700cc. car.
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