Wine Country Classic 2004 -- Group 6

This thundering group featured Cobras, Mustang GT350s, Stingrays, etc.  Unfortunately I didn't get many photos as I was usually in the pits with the "Sting" when they ran.  I didn't get any photos at all of the next group to run, Group 7, the formula cars.

Vic Edelbrock of Torrance, CA, finished 8th in this ex-Bob Bondurant 1963 Corvette Stingray.
Richard Mattei of Shoreline, WA, had problems with 1965 5358cc Iso Daytona in Friday's practice.  This Chevy-powered exotic looks almost exactly like a Ferrari 250LM and fooled your webmaster until he noticed the air scoop for its FRONT MOUNTED ENGINE!

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