Wine Country Classic 2004 -- Historic Trans-Am Cars -- Group 8

A great chapter in American racing history.  After the success of the Ford Mustang, introduced in 1964, other manufacturers jumped on the "Pony Car" bandwagon.  The ethic of "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday"brought all of  Detroit's big players into this amazingly competitive series featuring the top drivers of the era. 

Thanks to "The Car Source" for their excellent page on Trans-Am history.

Ken Epsman of Saratoga, CA, won this event in his 1970 Dodge Challenger.  He defeated a huge field of loud, exciting cars. 
Scott Rubin of Santa Clara, CA,  finished 3rd in his 1971 AMC Javelin.
Big iron in the esses!  There were 33 starters in this race, all 5000 cc. V8s.  Jon Norman's 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV practiced with this group representing the "Under 2.5 liter" Trans-Am class but was a non-starter in Sunday's race.
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