Bob Hebert -- 1962 E-Type Jaguar

Bob Hebert of Monterey, CA, accelerates out of "Infineon Raceway's Turn 7 in his 4200cc. DOHC 6-cylinder 1962 E-Type Jaguar.  Hebert finished 4th on Saturday and DNF'd on Sunday.

When I saw this Jaguar and the other two near-identical fully-tricked out racers in the team's pits, they looked so long, low, and wide that I just assumed they were factory backed V12s from the 1970s.  I was immediately reminded of the Joe Huffaker prepared silver V12 Lee Mueller drove for Kjell Qvale  "back in the day".

From the official Jaguar Website:

"Meanwhile in the USA the V12 E-type was making a big impact on the racing scene. Bob Tullius, whose team Group 44 had successfully entered Triumph and MG sports cars in SCCA racing, persuaded Jaguar that the E-type would be competitive.  Jaguar decided to back Group 44 on the east coast and Joe Huffaker, who had been similarly successful with MGs over the years, on the west coast.  The E-types dominated their respective regional championships for two years, breaking the Corvette domination of the series. In 1975, Tullius easily won the B Production Championship.  To put this into perspective it is worth reflecting that in the previous 17 years Corvettes had won the championship 14 times."

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