Group 2A:   1927-1946 Racing Cars & Indy Roadsters

More interesting pre-war cars.  The Indy Roadsters seem a better fit in this class than with the Formula cars as they actually evolved from 1930s European racers.  Amazingly, today's CART Champ Car formula is a direct descendant of the 1930s Grand Prix regulations.   Images are clickable.

Peter Giddings -- 1935 Alfa Romeo 35-8C
Mark Gillies' -- ERA
1925 Bugatti T-?? & 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C 2600
Rob Walton -- 1940 Maserati 8CL
Marnix Dellenius & Larry Menser -- Indy Roadsters
Joe Freeman -- 1938 Sparks-Thorne "Little 6"
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