Ernie and Hand-Drawn Map of Goodwood

From Ernie:

"It was such an honor to be invited to Goodwood for our 7th Goodwood Racing event.  What a spectacular weekend we had -- and UK has had the worst and 7th wettest summer in England in recorded history!!! Whew …it was just like magic, as the skies opened up for the week and the great Goodwood Revival Meeting weekend... incredible blue skies with billowy white clouds …and warm sunshine.

We go to the track to meet all the “Goodwood Marshals” as we are now an Honorary Member from this year… and signed on for an informal go around with a track instructor (Goodwood is one of the fastest and dangerous tracks and it can “bite you” big time).

Big Erik from the Netherlands is crewing for the 7th event for us and Mike Lilywhite has helped us in the past… very capable and very upbeat for the team. Bryan Somen has been on the team and he has a Press Credential to shoot some great photos."

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