Elaine in Ernie's high school letterman's sweater with Old Yeller II in the pit area at Goodwood.

Note Vanwall Formula I car in the background.

From Ernie:

"At the Millstream Hotel we picked up the “Driver-Entrants Rolex Box… armbands- Rolex medallions (for entry into the Driver’s Lounge and special areas), Black Tie Gala Dinner (theme Chinese… lucky for Elaine), lapel medallions … and other items. More food items to notice such as “runner beans” (like a long fava bean) and “Roly Poly” which is like a swirl bun… and words in UK like bangers and mash, bubble and squeak, spanner, cream tea, potato jackets, bloke, cheeky digs, piccies, bakewell tart and “mind your step --look right”. 


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