Bob Edmison -- Mercedes-Corvette

Bob sent me these photos from his personal collection.  They show him at the July 8-9, 1961 race meeting at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in Pomona, California.

Bob on  the main straight at Pomona on July 9th, 1961.  Car builder Chuck Porter was inspired by the look of the Mercedes-Benz 300-SLR. 

To me this car looks more like the ultimate Mercedes-Benz sports/racing car than the real 300-SLR does.

Bob's in 3rd grid position here for Saturday's qualifying race.  On the pole is Jack Stewart in #137, the Corvette powered DeMar Special

In the middle is Don Holle in his MG powered "Mowog".

A strange grid for this Pomona main event...   Where are: Bob Drake?   Don Hulette? Ak Miller

Bob describes the start:

"The starter looks like Art Torres?   Looks like a better starting position than we had on Sunday.   The throttle stuck wide open on the start.   I had installed a tab on the throttle so I could heel and toe the pedals easier.  It stuck. Over-engineered again."

Bob with his crew at Pomona: 

"L to R:  Jackman, Richard Hibbard, Yours Truly, Dan Whitz, Mike Koslosky."

Another look at Bob on the starting grid.   Next to him is #45 the "VKI" Devin-Corvette driven by Lew Spencer.
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