Joe Scalzo's Pomona Article
Bob Edmison, mentioned above as the driver of the Mercedes-Corvette, sent me this article.  From Doug Stokes:  "This article originally ran in the "Progress-Bulletin, that was the name of the Pomona Valley newspaper of the time". 
 Photos of some of the other drivers & cars racing at Pomona on July 9, 1961.
Ak Miller Devin-Oldsmobile
Bill Dixon Maserati 300S-Chevy
Mike Roetnor Ferrari 250-TR "Testa Rossa"
Stan Sugarman Ferrari 625-TRC-Chevy
Ted Peterson Maserati 150-S
Ron Hathaway Lola
John Cooper "Pignatelli"  ???
???? Mystery Car #37
Jim Chaffee Pink Elephant Mk.III
Elgin Holmes Kurtis-Buick

Bob Drake and Don Hulette are both featured in pages on this website.

New!   Another Joe Scalzo article on this Pomona event!

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