Skip Hudson -- Ferrari 410S  (2)

Hudson finished 3rd in the L.A. Examiner Grand Prix at Pomona on March 8, 1959 in this car, then owned by Bill Danielson. 

#244 and #246 look like Ebb Rose's Maseratis, but which ones?  And who was driving them?.  What about the red Ferrari  in the upper left hand corner?  What is it and who drove it?

(1-7-09)   From historian Ron Cummings:

"The 410S owner was Bruce Danielson from Redlands California. I believe he was a doctor. He had previously driven a smaller Ferrari.   I believe he called his team B & B Racing. 

Bob Oker drove the 410S for him at a Riverside pro race after Skipper stepped out of the car. Unlike the Edgar 410s this car kept breaking down. This may have discouraged Hudson."

(1-6-09)   From author and historian Michael T. Lynch:

"#246 is Rose's 300S-Chevy raced by Lloyd Ruby.   Re:  the Ferrari in the upper left hand corner, I can find no Ferrari entered with a race number beginning with 2."

(1-11-09)  From author and historian Willem Oosthoek:

"The blue #244 Ebb Rose Maserati in the background was his 300S. chassis 3073. It was raced by Bob Schroeder who retired with gearbox trouble."

(1-11-09)   From author and historian Andreas Dziedzic:

"I agree to Michael T. Lynch that #246 is Rose's 300S with a 5.6 Chevy V8. Lloyd Ruby finished in 5th overall and 1.BM.  #245 is Ebb Rose in his Micro-Lube 450S (4509).  He didn't make it to the grid, because of mechanical woes during the the sprint race on Saturday. There had been a third Maser with a start number beginning with 2. #244 a Micro-Lube 300S with Bob Schroeder, he didn't finish in the Examiner GP on Sunday."

(11-8-09)   More from Andy Dziedzic:

"I hope I found some interesting facts to solve an old problem.  You asked if anybody could identify the red Ferrari in the upper left corner.  Even Michael T. Lynch had no idea.

#212 could be the solution to our problem. This is Loyal Katskee with his 121 LM (also called SuperMonza or type 446) s/n 0532 LM.  He didn't qualify for the main event, because he managed only 46th place (1:29.06) during the practice."

(5-11-10    From Walter Beaumer:

"Willem  is wrong here! (1-11-09 above) The blue/white Maserati on the left is Lloyd Ruby`s 300S, chassis #3052. The car had the rear end of a short-nose version of this type. The later versions of the 300S had a lower rear section."

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