Ron Flockhart -- Jaguar D-Type

Scottish racer Ron Flockhart drove Bill Krause's Jaguar D-Type at the Examiner Grand Prix, held at Pomona on March 8, 1959.   He qualified 16th and DNF'd in the race.

Before his glory days in Birdcage Maseratis, Krause was a contender in west coast events in this Jaguar.  Finding its 3.8 liter twin-cam engine inadequate against the V8 powered Specials that dominated California racing, Krause installed a Chevrolet V8 and stayed competitive into the early 1960s.  (Now we know why.  See below.  TM)

Can anyone ID the blue car parked next to Krause?  It's probably a Maserati based on the vents behind the rear wheel.

(1-5-09)   From historian Ron Cummings:

"It was Ron Flockhart driving Krause's car at the Examiner GP.  He blew the motor on purpose because he was unhappy with the car.  Not all of the gears in the transmission were working.  This led to Krause and his dad installing a Chevrolet small block.

The silver car, I believe, is the ex-Parravano Maserati 450S that Krause almost won with.  I don't remember it silver that early. I'll have to do some research."

(1-11-09)   From author and historian Willem Oosthoek:

"Yes, the silver car behind Krause's D-type is chassis 4502, the former Parravano 450S Maserati, then co-owned by Dr. Rey Martinez and Jack Brumby of Auto Italia. The car had just been repainted to cover its original Parravano livery. Krause took it to victory in the 10-lap Race 6 on Saturday, beating Gurney by inches."

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