Tony Bettenhausen -- Ferrari 4.4. 121LM

Your webmaster thinks this car is a 4.4 liter Ferrari 121LM.  Two of these unloved Ferraris were entered in the L.A. Examiner Grand Prix at Pomona, March 8, 1959.  This car may be visible in this photo, behind a Porsche Spyder and ahead of one of Ebb Rose's Maseratis.

Bettenhausen qualified 41st and DNF'd with clutch problems.   The other 121LM, driven by Loyal Katskee, qualified 46th and was a non-starter in the big race.

(1-5-09)   From historian Ron Cummings:

"Tony Bettenhausen at Pomona.  I remember the car more pink. The Indy driver had to have the car qualified by Sprite driver EFR Sr. because he could not go fast enough!  This is the 121LM that Sorrell later owned. More on the paint job later."

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