Don Wester -- Porsche 904 / ????? -- ?????

Monterey-based racer Don Wester leads ????.   Wester won the A-B-C-D Production race on April 4, 1965 and finished 2nd in the C-D-E-F-G Modified event.

I can't tell what the second car is, much less who's driving it.  Can anyone help?  Please email me!

(10-25-13)   From Tony Ferrari:

"I am pretty sure the pictures of the cars going slightly uphill with a lot of greenery were taken at the far right of the course diagram probably on the longer section. The course went clockwise.

Camp Stoneman course diagram.

The right hand turn at the end of the S/F straight went across a ditch that ran parallel to the straight. There was room for about two cars. On the first lap I went across it with a TR3 on either side. I was rewarded with a large black circle on the side of my car. We all made it through.

It was a very hot day (1966) - my MGA temp gauge was reading oil pressure. Not all the TR3s finished. One I think driven by Tim Repass had the screen on his oil pump take up become unsoldered from the pump."

(11-9-13)   From Rich Blackmarr:

"The May 8th CP&A report says that in the ABCD Prod race Steve Froines' DP Triumph TR4 beat Wester's 904 through Turn 1 while the rest of the field including Cobras of Foster Alexander and Bob Brown got tangled up in the first turn.  Wester proceeded to pass Froines on Lap 2 and win without further challenge.  Foster Alexander finished 2nd in the black Cobra he had recently acquired from Ed Leslie.  I have no clue about the black roadster with prominent hood badge behind Wester in the Fuchs photo."

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