Don Johnston -- Elva Courier / Tom Hutson -- Lotus 7  (on Telephone Pole Straight)

Telephone poles along a racetrack don't look particularly safe.  Surprising even for 1965-66.   Comments?     Please email me!

(11-9-13)    From Rich Blackmarr:

"In the program for the May 7-9 Laguna Seca Regional race, entrants shown for the E Production race include No 8 Donald Johnston of San Carlos in a red Elva, No. 25 Tim Hutson of Healdsburg in a red/white Lotus, and No. 9 Dr. Lee Winters of Lafayette in a blue Lotus.  Although blurry in the Fuchs photo, it may be Dr. Winters' Lotus 7A leading Hutson's Lotus up the pole line straight."

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