Ralph Wood -- Elva-Porsche / Tom Leonard -- Ford Specia

Ralph Wood won the race in his Elva-Porsche.  The white/red car is a Lotus Mk23, and the front engined white car is Tom Leonard in his flathead Ford powered Special.  I have no idea who the driver of the Lotus Mk23 might be.   If you can help ID him:  Please email me!

(11-3-13)   From "Racing Sports Cars"  (TM)

#87 is indeed an Elva-Porsche; Ralph Wood won the race in the car.  John Bolander is shown as winning class F Modified in a Lotus Mk23B.

(11-4-13)   From Gary Horstkorta, Historian for the SF Region of the SCCA:

"#87 Elva Porsche - Ralph Wood     #00 (?) Lotus 23 - not listed in program (note John Bolander's Lotus 23 was green, #95 in F Mod)  #7 Special - Tom Leonard."

(11-9-13)   From Rich Blackmarr:

"The May 8th CP&A report on the Kirker Creek Regional includes a Bill Hewitt photo of Ralph Wood winning the April 4th C thru G Modified feature event in his #87 Elva Porsche.  The report says that Don Wester's 904 and Harry Banta's Ferharry were added to bolster the small field after they had each won their respective earlier events.  

Lotus-mounted polesitter Ed Marshall led the first 2 laps until having to take the Turn 1 escape road beginning Lap 3.  Don Wester then led Ralph Wood for one lap before the 1964 EM national champ got by him in Turn 7.  Then fading brakes slowed Wester until a flat tire took him out.  Banta had passed the fading Wester for third place until his Genie's steering went awry.  

Only 7 of 15 cars finished.  Class winners were Tom Leonard - Special (CM), Jim Wellington - Porsche Abarth (DM), Ralph Wood - Elva Porsche (EM), John Bolander - Lotus (FM), and David Burch - Merlyn (GM).  

Regarding a possible ID for the Lotus 23 in the Fuchs photo, the program for the May 7-9 Laguna Seca Regional races lists a No. 99 red/white FM Lotus 23 driven by Ed Marshall of Kentfield, as well as John Bolander's No. 95 green FM Lotus 23 and Frank Werber's No. 86 "W/O/B"-colored FM Lotus 23. So I think that the Fuchs photo shows the Lotus 23 of polesitter Ed Marshall, perhaps before he lost the FM class lead to Bolander."

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