Alan Maxey -- Triumph TR3 / Tony Ferrari -- MGA Twin-Cam

(10-25-13)   From Tony Ferrari:   "Here is a terrible picture from Camp Stoneman, 1966, of me #38 chasing some TR3s: #43 Walter George and #33 Alan Maxey both of Mill Valley. There were 12 TR3s in the race; quite a few DNFed because of the heat. The rest I passed (I was always a slow starter no matter what my grid position - a very high low gear and no torque until about 4500 RPM.)." 
                                                                                                                                                   (Photo contributed by Tony Ferrari)
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(10-27-13)   From Tony Ferrari:

I"n 1965 I finished second in Fp behind Bart Martin who was driving a TR3. He was 2nd overall, I was 5th overall and a full lap behind Bart."

(11-9-13)   From Rich Blackmarr:

"The May 8 CP&A race report indicates that first overall in this race went to the swift Cal Auto GP Spitfire of Steve Froines with Bart Martin's TR3 taking FP honors.  Froines was initially challenged by Emmett Brown's quick BMCD Midget before it encountered problems."

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