Tony Escalle -- Cooper-Buick Sports/racer  (in the Haybales)
If you have more info or can describe where we are on the racetrack or what we're seeing in the background):   Please email me!
(11-4-13)   From Gary Horstkorta, Historian for the SF Region of the SCCA:

"The white sports racer on the hay bales has a #5 visible, only car in its race group with a 5 is the white #15 Cooper - Tony Escalle."

(11-9-13)   From Rich Blackmarr:

"In the program for the May 7-9 Laguna Seca SCCA Regional and USRRC races, Tony Escalle's No. 15 white Cooper-Buick is listed as entered in both Regional CM Modified and USRRC fields.  I attended only the Sunday USRRC event and lined out San Franciscan Escalle's No. 15 Cooper as a DNS for the pro race.  Looking at the Fuchs photo of the Cooper askew in the haybales, it is curious that Escalle is running Genie-type 4 spoke wheels in the front and Cooper-style 8 spoke wheels in the rear.  Was this car one of the T61 Monaco's with the huge Chrysler style tail fins?  I always liked those."

(Yes it was.  It was an ex-Cunningham car.  TM)

(5-7-16)   From Carrie Kelsoe:

"Hi, I happened across your website and saw the picture of the white # 15 car in the hay bales. The picture appears to be taken from what is now the Motel 6 parking lot here in Pittsburg. Obviously, a lot has changed here since that picture was taken but the facility in the background is still there (it is Praxair or Air Liquide). Behind that you can see the steel mill which is also still there (Posco steel). It would appear the track went past Harbor St. as well as Loveridge Rd. Hope this information was of help."
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