Butch Gilbert -- 1959 Hagemann-Sutton Special

Gilbert finished 5th.  He leads a gaggle of small-bore racers through Turn 2 early in the race.  The last car in the line is eventual winnerMichael Malone in his 1960cc 1959 Lotus Mk.15.

This large and unusual-looking 5400cc. car has a strange history to match.  It began life as a Talbot Grand Prix car, acquired this body by SoCal fabricator Jack Sutton and raced as a "Talbot Special" in Southern California in 1960, powered by the 4500cc. straight-six Talbot GP engine.

Somewhere along the line, the Talbot chassis was sold to be restored as a bona-fide Talbot GP car.  The unique Sutton body then acquired a new chassis (Hagemann?) and Chevy power.  All to the good!  Now we get to see this very interesting and historic car on the track.

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