Ken Miles at Golden Gate Park -- 1954

Martin provided no info on this photo, but the historians came through.  See below!

From modelmaker and website visitor Paul House:

"I've been enjoying the photos from Martin Hill's collection. The Ken Miles picture with him standing by his MG TF could be 1954. It looks like he's being interviewed.  I had a look in my Ken Miles book by Art Evans and he raced an MG TF at Torrey Pines on July 3rd, 1954."

From historic racer and website contributor Bob Engberg:

"I was looking at the Martin photo of Ken Miles. I don't think it was taken at Torrey. The trees don't look right (not Torrey Pines and not eucalyptus) and the more formal attire of the spectators, and the presence of stands, make me think it's at Pebble Beach.  And could that be John von Neumann in the red, with blonde Eleanor also in red?"

From author and historian Michael T. Lynch:

"Here's how I dope it out.  Miles ran the TF in three races in 1954, Golden Gate, Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines.  Engberg is right that it is John and Eleanor von Neumann in the background, next to Johnny's Porsche 550.  That eliminates Torrey Pines, because John didn't run the Spyder there.  So we have to choose between Pebble and Golden Gate.  That's Harry Eyerly's Crosley Special next to the TF.  Unfortunately for our quest, Eyerly ran both Pebble and Golden Gate in 1954, winning his class at Pebble.  However, I go with Golden Gate, because of the sartorial excellence of the crowd, a situation that hasn't changed between North and South in 50 years."

More from Michael: 

"I got ahead of myself on the Miles question.  He actually ran the TF four times.  One of them was not Pebble.  Willow Springs, Golden Gate, Torrey Pines (July), Santa Barbara (Sept).   Of those four races, the only one where von Neumann's Spyder competed was Golden Gate.  While I didn't look it up, my guess is that it was also the only one where Eyerly's Crosley raced.  Case closed."

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