Torrey Pines -- Contributed by Bob Engberg

Valued website contributor and historic racer Bob Engberg contributed his photos and memories of three events held at Torrey Pines near San Diego. 

"Here are some photos I took at the old Torrey Pines track. I guess you know that only a very small portion of the back "straight" still exists and it takes some imagination to see it as it has been paved over. All the rest of the track was plowed up and made into the golf courses in the early '60's. 

Ernie McAfee in Bill Doheny's 4.4 Ferrari
Phil Hill in Manning Post's Ferrari 2.0 Mondial
Masten Gregory in Tony Parravano's Maserati 300S
Ferrari Barchetta / Maserati A6CGS
Mercedes-Benz 300SL / Austin Healey 100S
Pearce Wood's Jaguar C-Type / John von Neumann's Ferrari
DB Panhard / Abarth / Wrecked Moretti
Start of Under 1500cc race / Turns 5 and 6
There was a National Race July 9-10, 1955. They were races that "went very badly" as R?T magazine later wrote, as crowd control was poor and a lady killed herself when she hit the Eucalyptus tree on the outside of turn 1. Pete Lovely told me he also crashed at that weekend's races, at the turn 4-5 sweeper that came after the downhill stretch from "Ocean Corner." Drivers were hooking their wheels on the  inside dip of the turn and were pulled around. Evidently if you missed getting your tires into the dip the car wouldn't make it around the turns. This is where Ken Miles flipped one of Von Neumann's Porsches and also where Lovely turned over his Pooper. These cars had no roll bars and Lovely said he was inside the car, upside down, yelling for the workers to "Get his thing off me".  He fixed the car good enough to win (I think) the under 1500cc event the following day.

There was also a race on October 22-23, 1955, and the final days of Torrey Pines took place over the weekend of January 14-15, 1956."

Torrey Pines 2 -- More of Bob Engberg's photos ? memories!

Added historical information from Bob Norton's
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