Chuck Daigh -- Maserati Tipo 151 at Riverside -- 1962

Briggs Cunningham brought two of these V8 coupes to Riverside for the 1962 "L.A. Times Grand Prix".   Chuck Daigh and Augie Pabst drove them and both finished the event.  Pabst was 7th in the 4-liter car #006, Daigh was relegated to 11th in 5700cc. #004 after his throttle cable was damaged by track debris.

Cunningham sold #006 to Northern Californian Bev Spencer after the Riverside and Laguna Seca pro events.  Spencer entered it at the SCCA event held at Vaca Valley Raceway in November, 1962 with Stan Peterson driving. 

I watched Peterson blast by Bill Sherwood in Red Faris' Ferrari-Corvette into the lead on the Vaca Valley Raceway main straight.  He then rolled evil-handling the car in Turn 1.  Skip Hudson raced the car next, for Team Meridian, and ran without doors so he could escape another rollover.

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