Riverside -- February 2-3, 1963

This photo shows action during the main event at the SCCA event held at Riverside Int. Raceways on Feb. 2-3, 1963.  The main event was overshadowed by an awe-inspiring performance from Carroll Shelby's new Cobra sports cars.

Joe Travis in #134 Porsche RS moves over as the four leading cars prepare to lap him.  Frank Monise in #44, his 1500cc. Lotus Mk.23 leads, followed by Don Wester in #60, his 1700cc. Porsche RS61.  Next to Wester is eventual winner Bill Sturges in his 2750cc. Cooper Monaco.  Visible behind Sturges is Ken Miles in Otto Zipper's 1700cc. Porsche RS61.  These four fought a hard four-way battle for the lead until Monise DNF'd. 

Trailing the pack and already lapped is Dave Dunbar in his beloved Buick-powered "Fubar Special".  This fun car wasn't among the leaders but put on its usual great show.

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