MacDonald-Penske-Holbert -- Riverside 1963

Wild action early in the 1963 "L.A. Times Grand Prix" held at Riverside International Raceway.  Dave MacDonald won the event and Roger Penske finished second.  MacDonald also won a week later at Laguna Seca.

Dave MacDonald in #98 leads potent competitors through Turn 7 in one of Carroll Shelby's Cobra factory entered "King Cobras".  These cars were late-series Cooper Monacos with full-race Cobra Ford engines. 

Roger Penske follows MacDonald.  He won the 1962 "Times Grand Prix"  in the Climax-powered Zerex Special shown here.  The car started life as a Cooper F1 car, and appeared in 1962 with controversial single-seat bodywork.  In 1963 it was a conventional two-seater.  Bruce McLaren bought the "Zerex Special" and installed a B.O.P. aluminum V8; this "Cooper-Olds" was the first car of the illustrious McLaren lineage.

Bob Holbert follows in #99 another factory "King Cobra".  Dan Gurney in Briggs Cunningham's Genie-Ford #61 chases the leading group.

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