Jack Nethercutt's Ferrari 500TRC

Before he acquired the Lotus Mk.19, Nethercutt drove a series of Ferraris.  This car started life as a standard 2-liter 500TRC #0708, then it received the 2.5 engine from John Von Neumann's 625TRC #0672.

Jim Larkin in the "Reynolds Wrap Special" leads Nethercutt in his Ferrari 500TRC #0708, when and at which track I can't say.  Note hood bulges; they indicate that the car was equipped with the 2.5 liter engine from #0672 in this photo.

John McCann sent me this photo of Nethercutt in #0708 at Hourglass Field, north of San Diego.  Note lack of hood bulges shown above in this shot.  This, plus the class "E" notation, shows that the car was a 2-liter at this time.

Nethercutt sold his 2.0 engine to J.P. Kunstle who installed it into his Lotus XV “Ferrotus”  #619 FPF 1102. 

Chuck Parsons later drove the "Ferrotus" with some success.

A similar shot by Pete Vanlaw shows Nethercutt in #0708 in the pit lane at Santa Barbara in 1958.  I wonder what color the car really was? 


David Seielstad adds to #0708's history:

"Nethercutt sold it to a Mr. Kenner in March 1961 without engine.  Kenner installed the Buick V8  (not Olds).   Later he sold the car to a Mr. Porter.  The next owner was Peter Boyd.   All of these people lived in southern California.  I don't know that it was raced with the Buick; it may have been a street car."

More about Ferrari 500TRC #0708!!!

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