Other Ferraris -- 1

Though rarely in contention for overall wins, these older Ferraris were beautiful cars and made great sounds.  All of them are now valued in the millions of dollars.

July 9th, 1961:  Hard driving by Mike Roetnor won him 3rd place at Pomona in this Ferrari Testa Rossa.

Roetnor battled Ak Miller, Bill Dixon, and Lew Spencer until they dropped out.

Note the fading silver paint:  This is the ex-Von Neumann #0710 car.

Movie #1!   See Dick Brashear in #0710 at Santa Barbara.  May, 1962.

August 20, 1961:  Lew Florence at Vacaville in Rod Carveth's Ferrari Testa Rossa #0666.  He finished 7th.
Pat Bryan in his very pretty Ferrari Monza  at Riverside 0n March 3-4, 1962.

The paint and special bodywork identifies it as the ex-Tony Parravano car #0538M.

Movie #2!  See Bryan powerslide this car at Santa Barbara, May 27-28, 1962.

See Ferrari Monza #0538M at it looks today!

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