Paramount Ranch -- 3

Class "E" Production was dominated by AC Bristol cars.  In these days production classes were determined by engine displacement, not overall performance.  These 2-liter cars (the class "E" limit) were so fast they were moved up to class "C" when the SCCA moved to performance-based class assignment.

From Bob Norton:  "The "L.A. Times" had John Haggerty winning on March 10th in an AC Bristol.  Is this him?"

From Ron Cummings:  "AC Bristol #48 I believe is Gordon Crowder."

Bob Oker in Ed Savin's AC Bristol.

Oker went on to success driving Ferraris and an Aston Martin DBR2 in major west coast events.

When Bristol stopped providing engines for these cars Ford and Carroll Shelby stepped in...

More on Ed Savin's AC Bristol.

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