Paramount Ranch 4 -- March 10, 1957

Ferrari expert David Seielstad identified this car & driver for me: 

"This is Bruce Kessler in 500TR  #0650. He wrecked it later in the day when he hit the end of the pit wall.  This was when CSCC discovered he was under age and lifted his license."

Author and racing historian Tim Considine added the following: 

"David's right about Kessler being in the 500 Testa Rossa, but I showed the photo to Bruce today and he confirmed that his collision was not "at the end of the pit wall."  He clipped a tree at the top of the hill after momentarily being distracted by sun in his eyes.  And the SCCA did not pull his license then."

Originally, the striped car leading Kessler was identified as Jacques Bellesiles' Ferrari Monza. 

Tim Considine again provides an update:

"That's Lou Brero in the ex-Ernie McAfee 750 Monza, I believe the only one Scaglietti ever made without a headrest, though he didn't even remember that one when I asked him about it."

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