Pete Vanlaw's Photos

1950s southern California sports car racer and longtime racing aficionado Pete Vanlaw contributed these photos to the website.  More are coming!   Click on photos to see larger image.

Bill Krause-- Maserati Type 61
Phil Hill-- Ferrari 250TR
Don Hulette-- Lister-Corvette
Jack Nethercutt-- Ferrari 250TR
 Riverside-- Oct. 15-16, 1960
Riverside--  Oct. 15-16, 1960
Bob Drake-- Maserati Type 61
Dick Morgensen-- Ferrari 250TR
Jim Hall-- Lister-Corvette
John von Neumann
Stirling Moss -- Bridgehampton 1969
Photos from Del Mar, May 3, 1959
Beverly, Mass. SCCA National
July 7, 1956
 Fort Worth, TX -- 1957
Giant's Despair Hillclimb -- 1956
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