Pomona, March 6, 1960 -- 1

Bob Norton sent me a very welcome new batch of photos.  These were taken at the March 5-6, 1960 SCCA event held at the legendary course laid out on the enormous parking lot of the L.A. County Fairgrounds.

Bob Drake in Joe Lubin's familiar #49 Birdcage Maserati led the main event, but DNF'd.
I consulted Ferrari maven David Seielstad on the identity of this Ferrari ? driver.

The car is Ferrari 500TR #0650.  The driver is Gail Liebert, on her way to 3rd place in the Ladies Race.

It was Owned by Fresno's George Harm, who also operated radio station KARM (Note headrest).

Chuck Cornett finished 7th in the main event in the car.

D.D. Michelmore in his Porsche RS.

He finished 4th in the main event.

Jay Chamberlain won in his 2-liter Lotus Mk.15-Climax.  Alex Budurin in Ferrari Testa Rossa #0752 was 2nd, and Mike Roetnor was 3rd in Ferrari Monza #0538M.

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