Pomona, March 6, 1960 -- 2

More of Bob Norton's photos.  These feature production cars.

Buford Lane in the well-known #614 Corvette.  He finished 3rd in the "Corvette Race" -- classes "B" and "C" Production.

Bob Bondurant later drove this car to fame and many victories.

Pete Kunkle won the Class "D" ? "E" Production race in his 2-liter A.C. Bristol.

These potent cars sometimes even challenged the dominant Corvettes.  They went on to greater things with Ford engines as Carroll Shelby's Cobras.

Jay Hills finished 2nd to Kunkle in a 4-cam Porsche Carrera.

A Mercedes-Benz 300-SL driver risks rupture.  The things some guys will do to get back into a race!

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