Aston Martin DB3S -- #115

Website contributor Ron Keil owned this car and sent me these photos (given to him by George Butcher, Jr.) and this information on the car.

Bob Drake at Sacramento on Oct. 6, 1957, in Aston Martin DB3S #115 when it was owned by Joe Lubin.  I don't know who was driving the Lancia in the background.

Bill Oker contributed a photo of his father, Bob Oker, in another Lubin-entered DB3S.

Great action shot from Sacramento! Mick Marston in the "Huffaker Healey" leads Drake in the Aston Martin,  Bob Gillespie's Maserati A6GCS,  a Porsche Carrera, and what looks like it might be a Ferrari 500TR.  Farther back are a Jaguar XK120 coupe and another Aston Martin, probably Rod Carveth's.
From Ron Keil:  "This photo shows the same car at Santa Barbara when it was owned by Bill de Creeft, from whom I bought it."  (Note Talbot-Lago GP car in background.  TM)

"Joe Lubin sold the car to Bill de Creeft, who raced it for several years then sold it to me in 1963.  I made the horrendous error, in 1966, of selling it to buy a faster race car; SCCA had just lumped anything over 2.0 litres into the "open" class and immediately I was outclassed by hand-me-down Can-Am cars in addition to the lone Testa Rossa still racing in the West.  The "new" owner still has the car and is restoring it."

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