Sears Point "Wine Country Classics 2002 -- 7 

Most of the formula cars participating this year were of the British-built, small-engined, quick-handling variety.  These three broke the mold emphatically.

Larry Menser drove this beautifully prepared Offy-powered 1960 Meskowski Indy Roadster.

Although it's thoroughly unsuited for a road course, it's still a treat to see such a car in action.

(Click on photo to see a larger image of this car.)

Richard Morrison appeared in this "MG Liquid Suspension Special".  This car was built for the 1964 Indy 500 by Joe Huffaker.

Huffaker created the Chevy-powered Huffaker Special, the BMC Formula Juniors, the Genie sports/racers, and many other cars.

Dave Olson's Holynski "Formula Libre" car appeared again this year.

The Chevy V8 powered proto-Formula 5000 car thundered around the course impressively.

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