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Updates:  September -- 2018

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1974 through 2009 + 2010 --> 2017 "Rolex Monterey Motorsports Revival" 
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Your webmaster is working hard editing photos from the 2018 "Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion".  Photos & webpages coming soon!    (Image not a link yet.)
" Peter Brock, John Morton and Steve Millen – three legends that sparked Datsun and Nissan racing heritage in America – will share their experiences as guests at the annual Picnic in the Paddock on Saturday, August 25. Afterwards, Sir Jackie Stewart and Chris Cord will join the panel to remember racing legend Dan Gurney followed by a vocal tribute from Donald Osborne."
Locke de Brettville, Secretary of NorCal historic racing group CSRG, is looking for info on this Chevy 327 powered Special.
For the second successive year, Hakkinen is back at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion to meet with guests, sign autographs and drive exhibition laps.        
Carroll Shelby brought the very first Cobra to Riverside for demo laps between races at the SCCA event March 3-4, 1962.
James Dean scholar Lee Rasklin's latest book on the legendary 1950s film actor:  "James Dean:  On the Road to Salinas"    

It features a detailed account of the last days, and last day, of Dean, then 24. The young movie star was killed on his way to a sports car race in Salinas, CA on 9-30-55.

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