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Excellent "Behind the Headlights" episode featuring Max and Ina Balchowsky and Old Yeller II.  With appearances by Dan Gurney, Carroll Shelby, Bill Krause, and others.
Cobras!  Cobras!  Cobras!  The 2012 "Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion" featured a spectacular all-Cobra racing group.
Featured this week: The Corvette-driving career of Dave MacDonald -- starring the main event winning "Simpson Special".
Featured this week:  Ed Matsuishi's photos from the Nov. 20 1960 Formula One U.S. Grand Prix at Riverside.
Gordon England adds info on this Nadeau Bourgeault- built sports/racer from the 1960s
Walter Huff iDs the man in the pith helmet standing with Lance Reventlow in Ed Matsuishi's photo from the 1960 U.S. Grand Prix at Riverside.
Featured this week:  Yet another beautiful set from Ed Matsuishi.  These from the "S.F. Examiner" sponsored "Pacific Grand Prix" at Laguna Seca Oct. 22-23 1960.
Featured this week:   More from Ed Matsuishi!  His photos from the 1960 "L.A. Times Grand Prix" Oct. 15-16 1960.

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