Updates:  May -- 2014
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Mystery Cars -- 3
Photo Sales!
Old Racecourses!
Tam's Old Race Car Site is now on "Facebook"
New!  For Sale!  Complete set of "Monterey Historics" Programs!!!
1974 thru 2009 + 2010-11 Motorsports Revival Interested?  Please email me!
6-1-14                                Moving on to "Updates -- June 2014"
"Sports/Racers and More" Largest SHMF section with Can-Am cars, FIA racers, sports/racers from the 60s, Pre-War cars, and more.  Enjoy!
I'm working hard on my "SHMF" photos and webpages.  Here's "Production Cars" -- a huge section!
The  "Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival" May 16-17-18 2014 featured great cars, great weather, and great racing!
The  "Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival" May 16-17-18 2014 features Can-Am cars again this year.

Here's a look at last year's Can'Am racers.

New book!  Mike Martin's "USRRC, A record of the United States Road Racing Championship" is a thorough and highly entertaining record of this very interesting transitional era in American racing.
Featured this week:   Bill Sadler will drive Wes Abendroth's  resurrected "Sorrell/Larkin Special" at the 2014 "Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion".

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