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Movie #3   Santa Barbara:  Classes A-B-C Production      (1.61MB)

It begins with Lew Spencer's Morgan getting some trackside service.  Next, we see Dave MacDonald in his #00 "A" Production Corvette.  Then Paul Reinhart in his Corvette passes a spun-out Daimler SP-250.

Scott Briley zooms by in his "A" Production Corvette, followed by two "B" Production Corvettes.  Then a good view of the Daimler SP-250 at speed.  Next is an AC Bristol, precursor to the all-conquering Cobras.

Our family's good friend Wally Barnitz appears in his Jaguar E-Type, then a Porsche 356 (maybe a Carrera), and once again -- Paul Reinhart.

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Movie  #4   Santa Barbara:  Class F Production      (1.62MB)

This film features Porsche 356's and Sunbeam Alpines racing hard on skinny tires.  Class  "F" Production drivers show how it was done "back in the day".

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Movie  #5   Santa Barbara:  Classes A-B-C Production      (0.86MB)

Joe Freitas leads Dave MacDonald on lap 1 of  the "Corvette race".  The field, including Reinhart, Wester, Faris, Barnitz, chase them.  Next lap,  Freitas and MacDonald slide wildly, battling for the lead.

Then, Wally Barnitz chases a green Corvette (Jim Collipriest?).  Then Barnitz again.

This short clip ends with Don Wester in his Porsche Carrera powersliding as he chases Paul Reinhart in his purple Corvette.

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