Chuck Fawcett's Photos -- 2

Chuck attended Southern California races in the 1950s.  He shot these photos "back in the day" and, as far as your webmaster knows, they haven't been widely seen.  There are PLENTY MORE coming!

Since the race events shown were before your webmaster's time, the historians among you can have lots of fun ID'ing the cars, drivers, venues and dates.

Dan Gurney -- Lotus Mk.19 Monte Carlo
Jack Brabham -- Jaguar Type E2A 
Roy Salvadori -- Cooper Monaco
Phil Hill -- Ferrari 250TR60 "Testa Rossa"
Augie Pabst -- Meister Brauser Scarab-Chevrolet
Ken Miles -- Porsche RS60
R. McLaughlin -- Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 7
Ken Miles -- Porsche 550 Spyder
Bill Krause -- Jaguar D-Type
Chuck Porter -- Mercedes-Benz 300-SLS Special
Ernie McAfee -- Ferrari 750 Monza
Tom Bamford -- Ferrari 340
Lance Reventlow -- Cooper Climax "Bobtail"
Troy McHenry -- Porsche 550 Spyder  (1)
Josie von Neumann -- Ferrari 500 Mondial
Troy McHenry -- Porsche 550 Spyder  (2)
Chuck Daigh -- Troutman-Barnes Special
Paul O"Shea -- Mercedes-Benz 300-SL "Gullwing Coupe"
Carroll Shelby -- Ferrari 410S
Ken Miles -- Porsche 550 Spyder
George Metzger -- Ferrari 275/340
Bob Powell -- Victress "BuFord" Special
Lew Spencer -- MG TC
????? -- Morris Minor Sedan -- Action at Hansen Dam
Duffy Livingston -- Eliminator Special / Bill Stroppe -- Kurtis
Lou Fageol -- Twin-Engine Porsche Special
 Phil Hill -- Ferrari 375MM
Harrison Evans -- Jaguar C-Type
John von Neumann -- Ferrari Monza
Palm Springs -- Pit Area and Scenic Panorama 
Troy McHenry -- Porsche 550Spyder / Howard Wheeler -- OSCA MT-4
Willow Springs -- Action and Scenic Panorama 
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