Parnelli Jones -- Cooper-Ford "King Cobra"

Carroll Shelby entered four of his legendary "King Cobras" in the 1964 "L.A. Times Grand Prix" at Riverside.  These cars were late-series Cooper Monacos powered by full-race Ford 289 cid V8s.   The four entrants were: #92 Richie Ginther;  #93 Bob Bondurant;  #94 Parnelli Jones, #95 Ronnie Bucknum.  #98, Ken Miles in the 6500cc. prototype "big block" Cobra completed the team.

Jones, shown here, won the event.   Bondurant finished 5th, Ginther 7th, and Miles DNF'd in the big-engined Cobra when he lost a wheel exiting Turn 6.  (Your webmaster saw this happen, if his memory is correct.)

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