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Featured this week:  Bill Tibbetts' photos of southern California racing in the mid-1950s.

Now with updates from author and historian Jim Sitz.

New "Mystery Car"!   Frank Mons is looking for info on the history of his 1959 Elva Mk.5.
Featured this week:  One of the more dramatic historic racing events of recent memory:  Group 6A at the 2009 "Monterey Historics".
Longtime website contributor Rich Blackmarr adds more info about the April 3-4, 1965 Camp Stoneman (Kirker Creek) race event.
Car and driver IDs added to Mike Fuch's photos from the April 3-4 1965 race event at Camp Stoneman in northern California.
What is this "Mystery Car?"  Originally ID'd as a Cisitalia, it might be a Siata, or maybe a Fiat, or as Antonino Puleo from Italy suggests: could it be a Simca 8 Sports?
New "Mystery Car"!   Scott Carroll is looking for info on the history of his BoCar Special!
Gallery of Mike Fuchs' photos of racing at Camp Stoneman in northern California on April 3-4 1965. 

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