Bob Drake -- Old Yeller III: Start, Santa Barbara:  5-28-61

Another thrilling main event start from 1961!  As at Pomona, Drake won the race in Old Yeller III.  #27, Bill Krause in his CorvetteD-Jaguar DNF'd after seven laps with a broken axle; Scooter Patrick in the #38 PAM Special finished 6th.

#204, Don Hulette in his Jaguar Special-Corvette finished 2nd; #311, Ak Miller in his Devin-Oldsmobile DNF'd after six laps with low oil pressure.

Lew Spencer (not shown) finished 3rd in Phil Kondratief's "VKI", a Devin SS- Chevrolet.  Steve Herrick (not shown) finished 4th in his Porsche RS60.

Deeper history for those who are interested:

Sharp eyes can spot other contenders:  #146 Dave Ridenour in his Costin Lister-Jaguar (hidden behind Miller); #197 Mike Roetnor in his Ferrari 250TR (hidden behind Hulette); Dick Hogue in his white Cooper Monaco; and Art Snyder in his 1100cc. Lola.

Roetnor finished 5th;  Hogue was 7th, and Snyder came in 8th.

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