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2-29-12 Ongoing "Mystery Car" question: Why does this Cisitalia have a Maserati badge in its grille?
2-28-12 David Seielstad IDs the Ferraris that raced at Pomona July 27-28, 1957.
Jim Gessner and Ron Cummings on Jerry Austin and his Corvette at Pomona.
Ron Cummings on Alex Budurin's Kurtis-Buick at Pomona.
Jim Gessner on the Corvettes in the pits at Riverside June 28-29, 1958 
2-26-12 John McCann's photos from Pomona July 27-28, 1957 posted!
2-25-12 Continuing discussion of the yellow Lotus 11 in the pits at Riverside.
2-24-12 Scott Woodside comments on the Chaparral 2G's red wing tips.
2-23-12 Finally!  John McCann's Photos of Amateur Events at Riverside 1958-59.
2-20-12 Jim Cordero comments on the Empi/Crusader of Jerry Demele.
Rich Blackmarr comments on "The Spirit of Vacaville".
Tony Ferrari comments on Hap Richardson.
2-19-12 Jim Serniuk's "Pit Shots" from Laguna Seca, 1968.
2-17-12 Jim Cordero and Rich Blackmarr ID more cars & drivers from Laguna Seca, 1968.
2-15-12 Found!  Scanned pages from the May 4-5, 1968 Laguna Seca USRRC Program!
2-14-12 Rich Blackmarr adds info on the Laguna Seca sedan race: May 4-5, 1968
2-14-12 Jim Serniuk's photos from Laguna Seca May 4-5, 1968 sports car support races posted.
2-14-12 Rich Blackmarr ID's #98 Austin Healey's driver as Ed Leslie.
Tony Ferrari ID's #16 Stingray's driver as Frank Search.
Erik Zurbriggen ID's multiple cars & drivers.
2-13-12 Jim Serniuk's photos from Laguna Seca Oct. 12-13, 1968 sports car support races posted.
2-9-12 More from Jim Hawes on George Hollinger's Lola T70.
Jim Cordero unravels the geneology of Roger Penske's McLaren M6As.
2-8-12 Jim Hawes ID's the red Lola T70 at the 1968 Laguna Seca USRRC.
Dave Fredericks comments on the Scarabs at the 1958 L.A. Times GP.
Tom Stanford comments on Alan Connell's Maserati Type 61-Ferrari.
2-7-12 All Jim Serniuk Chaparral 2G pages and phots posted.
2-6-12 Main Homepage posted for all Jim Serniuk pages & photos.
2-5-12 Finished and posted: All Jim Serniuk photos for 1968 Laguna Seca USRRC event.
2-4-12  Finished and posted: All Jim Serniuk photos for 1968 Laguna Seca Can-Am.
2-1-12          Welcome to "Updates" for February! I'm working on scanning and editing a box of slides Jim Serniuk shot at the rainy 1968 Laguna Seca Can-Am.  Pages up soon!

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