Rescanned Photos!

Sharp eyed website visitors may have noticed cleaned up, sharper photos on some pages.

Since I started the site, I've learned a little more about getting higher quality images from my 40 year old prints.   The new scans were done at a much higher resolution, and then downsized.  Plus, I'm a lot better with the "clone crayon" and "remove noise" tools in PhotoImpact 6.0.

There's still room for improvement and the photos will evolve, just like everything else on this website.  It's a lifetime project.

For now though, you can enjoy photos that range from a little better to a lot better.

They're ALL done now!

More Rescans!   10-9-02
Don Hulette 2 Other Porsches
Bill Krause Other Specials 1
Ed Leslie 1 Other Specials 2
Ed Leslie 2 Other Specials 3
John "Bat" Masterson Scooter Patrick
Frank Monise Stan Sugarman
Other Lotus Cars Don Wester
Rescans    7-26-02
Bob Bondurant Jack McAfee
Jack Brabham Ken Miles 1
Alan Connell Ak Miller
Bill Dixon Stirling Moss
Bob Drake 1 Chuck Parsons
Bob Drake 2 Dave Ridenour
Bob Edmison Chuck Sargent
Jerry Grant Other Corvettes 1
Jim Hall Other Corvettes 2
Bob Harris Other Coopers
Ron Hathaway Other Ferraris 1
Don Hulette 1 Other Maseratis
Dave MacDonald 1 Racing Devins
Dave MacDonald 2 The Scarabs
Stockton, 1962,  photos  23-02 
Chuck Sargent Bob Harris
Rod Carveth Ron Dykes
Ak Miller


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